Chandana Surgicare is one of the best and top rated hospital which is specialized in General Surgery and Orthopedics surgery led by Dr. Ajay Kumar Verma is located in Motihari. This hospital is established in Year 1985 and providing their best services in town from till date. At Chandana Surgicare we provide highly specialized services in all area like General Service and Trauma Care, General Surgery, Laparoscopic Surgery, Paediatric Surgery, Gynaecology, Orthopedics, ICU, HDU, OT and many more. 

Chandana Surgicare is a final destination for all the patient who is in an most complicated cases of Orthopedics in Bihar, Motiari. Chandana Surgicare has over more than two decades of experience in an healthcare department and we are well known for providing the best services and consultation to our patient. We have a team of professional doctors who have got their expertise in all types of surgery and they are dedicated to their medical personel who have best knowledge and experience in their respective domains.

Our Services

We have a wide range of services available for all types of treatments some of our services are mentioned below.

  1. Emergency Services & Trauma Care

    Chandana Surgicare have the best facility of for all types of Emergency Services and Trauma care.

  2. General Surgery

    Dr. Ajay Kumar Verma have the experience of more than 28 Years in General Surgery and Chandana Surgicare is known for their excellence in town.

  3. Laproscopic Surgery

    We have all the facilities and team of experience doctor are available to do the laproscopic surgery in our hospital.

  4. Paediatric Surgery

    We can diagnose , treat and manage all the scope of the Paediatric Surgery.

  5. Gynaecology

    W have the best team to provide the Gynecology treatment and we also manage and provide consultation to or patient

  6. Orthopedics

    Dr. Ajay Kumar Verma and Dr. Vishal Anand Verma is an specialist in town to provide the best surgery for all types of Orthopedics treatment.

  7. ICU

    Chandana Surgicare have the well equipped and fully functional ICU available in the hospital to provide any types of treatment.

  8. HDU

    A high-dependency unit is an area in a hospital, usually located close to the intensive care unit, where patients can be cared for more extensively than on a normal ward, but not to the point of intensive care.

  9. OT

    Chandana Surgicare have the best , fully functional and well equipped OT available to treat all types of surgery

Our Mission & Vision

Chandana Surgicare Mission is to provide the best quality and affordable treatment to all their patient. We want to set an example for all the Medical Personel that the patient can get the best consultation and surgical treatment in Motihari.

Chandana Surgicare Vision is to envolve as a benchmark in a quality health care available to one and all. One of our vision is to become a leader in providing state of the art in orthopedics services.

Our Team

Who’s behind the scenes?

Dr. Ajay Kumar
MS (General Surg.)
Dr. Ajay Verma is one of the best General Surgeon and Orthopedics surgeon in Motihari. He is a cheif on Chandana Surgicare Hospital in Motihari.
Dr. Vishal Anand Verma
MS (Ortho)
Dr. Vishal Anand Verma is an Orthopedist with an experience of 11 years. He is providing their services in Chandana Surgicare Hospital, Motihari.
Dr. Abhineet Kumar
Dr. Abhineet Kumar Verma is an MBBS Doctor who is now practicing in Chandana Surgicare Hospital, Motihari.
174Health Section
3Professional Doctors
150Team Member
1100Satisfied Patient

Brief History of Our Chandana Surgicare

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